Servicing Southeast Michigan Since 1979
Servicing Southeast Michigan Since 1979


At Sterling Sanitation we offer recycle options for every industry. We recycle the following materials:

Scrap metal
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Zero Landfill Solutions

The Waste-To-Energy Process

The Waste-To-Energy (WTE) process takes non-hazardous waste and turns it into energy. The waste is prepared for combustion and sent to a local WTE facility. During combustion at a high temperature, the waste is reduced to 10% of its original volume. The heat generated creates steam that turns turbines in order to generate electricity. The result? For every 10 tons of waste, 5200 kWh of power is generated. Electricity is then fed back into the grid and used to power homes and businesses.

Why Choose Waste-To-Energy

Clean Power

State of the art emission technology makes WTE one of the cleanest forms of energy generation. WTE facilities meet or exceed the strictest federal standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and employ a multi-step process to achieve superior environmental performance. The U.S. EPA has stated that waste-to-energy plants are a “clean, reliable, renewable source of energy that produce electricity with less environmental impact than almost other source of electricity.”

Less Dependence on Imported Fuels

In an era of high gasoline prices, WTE makes us less reliant on overseas oil. For every ton of waste processed in a WTE facility, we avoid the need to import 1 barrel of oil or mine one quarter ton of coal.

Net Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reduction

WTE is a net reducer of greenhouse gas emissions. For every ton of waste processed in a WTE facility, almost one ton of GHG is avoided.

In the energy and climate conscious world that we live, Waste-To-Energy is a viable alternative. Contact Sterling Sanitation Inc. to find out how you can take advantage of our zero landfill solutions.

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    Rob S.

    I have used Sterling Sanitation in the past and will always in the future. The rubber wheel dumpster they provided sped up my man cave project at my beautiful home on Lake St. Clair. The driveway friendly containers was so convenient and left no scratch marks in my paver driveway. I pulled it up to the garage and had all my construction debris gone in seconds. The wife just gave me permission to redo the basement, so will be calling soon.

    Rob S.

    Harrison Township, MI

    John S.

    Sterling Sanitation has been our vendor of choice for our compactor dumpster and roll-off dumpsters for over 15 years. I call for a replacement dumpster and it is usually exchanged the same day. When we have special pickups Sterling has always been able to accommodate us.

    I would highly recommend them for dumpster service.

    John S.

    Chesterfield, MI

    Michael S.

    Just wanted to let you know Sterling Sanitation has been doing a great job for us here at our Schools. Dumpster pick-up, switching and deliveries has been very good with prompt service and no headaches. Sometimes construction job sites get a little chaotic, but we can always rely on Sterling Sanitation working around any and all unique circumstances we seem to encounter.

    Michael S.

    Roseville, MI